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We recommend to begin each lesson with a short warmup. Warmups are optional.

A warmup is a 5 minutes (or less) auto-grading quiz that allows your tutor to identify problem areas that interfere with the proper development of mathematical skills in the future.

All the concepts and skills listed below are expected to be known by students by the end of grade 8. However, if students learned mathematics ineffectively in the past, new skills' acquisition becomes very difficult in grades 9-12 as the pace and volume of knowledge becomes increasingly more intense.

Once a problem is identified it's easy to correct from there, and build a strong foundation.

Try out a few or all warmups and check your score.


Whole and decimal numbers, fractions, rounding:

Middle School Math, Warmup #1


Word problems, number lines, negatives, subtraction, addition, multiplication:

Middle School Math, Warmup #2


Multiplication by tens, divisions by tens, quotient, remainder, long division algorithm, trailing zeros:

Middle School Math, Warmup #3


Fractions on number lines, multiplying decimal numbers, division of decimals, divisions and fractions:

Middle School Math, Warmup #4


Divisibility, word problems based on division:

Middle School Math, Warmup #5