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It was great to get help, I feel that I understand math better. Michael covers topics from different points of view and recommended tons of resources for when I learn on my own. The encouragement made me feel so much better.

George T., Student


I feel like I can tackle the next exam and I stopped being anxious. I've spend too many hours just trying to figure out how to solve one or two problems. I just wanted to feel that I can do this and improving is such a relief. I was having trouble with most Math units but now everything is so much simpler. I love Michael's style and teaching me how to approach solving problems helped me with Math and Science.

Andrea R., Student


Michael's program is great! I needed lots of examples and Michael brought a lot of books with him and had examples for all my questions. He made me keep notes and summaries which is now a habit. It got easier and I was able to do most of my homework on my own after. Thank you so much! My average went up and I didn't hate going to class anymore. I used to stay up until late and I was very frustrated, Michael insisted that I start learning earlier in the day right after school and that made a huge difference for mw. The step by step solving increased my understanding I was very happy I was able to graduate in time and improved my grade so much this year.

Andy C., Student


We met Valerie in August 2017, when she first took the initiative to coordinate an after-school program with a strong STEM-focused curriculum (other courses included computer programming and foreign languages). Even when my daughter (now Gr. 10) was hesitant to join the program at first, Valerie continued to keep communication open with us, was patient and sensitive, which eventually led my daughter to feel encouraged enough to try out her program. She was part of the Chemistry (with some Math) program from September 2017- November 2018 in Calgary, AB. To this day, my daughter was grateful that she has joined the program; she said what she has learned from Valerie has helped her go beyond existing grade level in her current school, and that Valerie's explanations were more accessible to her than several other teachers teaching similar subject(s).

Sherry S., Parent


I am impressed with the way Michael teaches, he helps you see topics from all angles for a more comprehensive understanding, and I can see results in my son's knowledge as well as improvement in his assignments and homework. Would highly recommend!

Kathrine M , Parent


Thank you for teaching me Python, I coded during the quarantine. I feel more focused, I can feel I am better at focusing on tasks.

Rami G., Student


My Dad forced me to take coding lessons because I game to much and he wanted me to switch it up. I didn't think I will like it, I kind of resisted. I can't believe I am coding for fun now, I can't stop 😁 I stayed up really late and finally finished my first app. It feels great. Thank you, Annemarie for being patient and believing in me!

Avery, Student