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The amount of time spent on learning is not always a predictor of a high grade, or efficient learning.

Learning must be strategized.

Unnecessary repetitions do not contribute much, too little drill on the other hand tends to weaken skills.

We must all work around our strengths and weaknesses, but there is always a way to produce more efficient learning.

Recommended books on learning


Studying Tips

- Break down large problems into smaller bits.

- Have an inductive routine before starting to study such as listening to a particular song, drinking a specific tea, laying out a type of paper, using the same pens, calculator, etc.

- Don't just read/listen to your lectures, try to solve exercises as well, knowledge must not only enter the mind but also exit it. The two are different neural pathways, and must both be trained equally.

- Don't give into distractions, listening to music during homework is not always a good idea, though purely instrumental music such as classical Baroque may work at times.

- Don't check social media during learning, train your mind to stay on task. Too many breaks will impair your focus.

- Leaving too many questions unanswered will create a shaky foundation and will make future understanding a lot harder.

- Everyone can learn Math, don't give into believing you are not good at it. Building up skills in the right order helps remove difficulties.

- Use the best hours of your day. If you are too tired in the evening, try an earlier hour when your mind is fresher.