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Psychoeducational Assessments

Our team has been approached by parents many times in recent years about where they may find information about Psychoeducational Assessments in Calgary.

These inquiries tend to relate to acceptance to Westmount Charter School, the Calgary GATE Program, and Webber Academy.

You will need to contact a Psychologist who specializes in education. Our team does not endorse specific Psychologists but they are easy to find online using a simple search.

Some insurance companies cover psychological assessments, but parents must check with their specific providers to see how much is covered and how many sessions they can use.

Regardless, these assessments are not cheap and are not always fully covered. The cost for Psychoeducational Assessments in Calgary can revolve around the $900 - $1,000, or more depending on the individual assessor.

For example, Westmount Charter requires an intelligence test (IQ Test) as part of its multiple criteria in the intake procedure. You can read more about it here. This document includes additional information about the typical cost of  Psychoeducational Assessments.