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Our tutors work together on developing academic strategies for students with specific learning needs at all skill levels and diverse backgrounds. Each tutor brings their experience and have different areas of expertise that improves the quality of all students' education. We learn from each other, provide support in lesson planning and research of innovative resources. Tutors share the insightful questions students ask to incorporate in a list of frequently addressed issues document and help prepare assessment booklets for quick low-cost assessments for all grades. We champion all productive methodologies to improve the academic chances for success for all young people who need it, and especially those in urgent need while preparing for Alberta Diploma Exams.

Many tutors are requested for in-home tutoring and tutoring onsite has its advantages as well. Our company provides both. Our locations in Calgary NW features the following services:

- internet and WIFI connection, high speed internet for e-learning with remote students,

- IT support,

- academic library with textbooks, extended materials, and online subscriptions to exam banks, IXL and more,

- office supplies, PC stations, projectors,

- dedicated registrar acts as point of contact for parents/students requesting scheduling and information,

- shared advertising cost,

- a quiet and comfortable space where students can focus,

- a perfume free environment,

- PD days, lunch-and-learn sessions addressing issues like:

- remoting tools and technologies used in e-Learning for remote clients in rural Alberta,

- supporting ADHD and spectrum disorder students,

- supporting various types of math acceleration,

- how to prepare students for psychoeducational assessments,

- direct instruction vs. problem solving sessions,

- dealing with exam anxiety: go over the package of resources and deciding when is it appropriate to begin a referral to educational psychologists,

- creating student logins and preparing session report cards using Wakelet, tools that help track student progress,

- teaching techniques for supporting students with hearing impairment,

- billing

- ability to run group sessions with a small number of students,

- ability to provide drop-in services prior to exam time,

- a space that allows back-to-back appointments without the need to drive.


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Our highest demand currently is for math and science tutors for all high school levels.