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How are you sharing the pandemic pod Tutor Calgary?
How are you different than other tutors?
    Designing Curriculum to Supplement Kid's Schoolwork.
    Do You Give the Answers?
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You've Asked:
How are you sharing the pandemic pod Tutor Calgary?

We continue learning at home with a high-quality, proven education through live, online tutoring sessions.

We are a diverse group, normally tutoring all ages all over the city. To avoid becoming super-spreaders, our tutors have decided to continue online  tutoring for the fall semester.

Even though many believe in person tutoring works better, we had amazing progress with our students for the past 5 months. There are several benefits to virtual lessons:

- Virtual tutoring is more affordable. There are no fuel charges and PPE cost does not need to be added to the price.
- Online sessions allow students to record and review later.
- During the previous semester and over the summer we have perfected our approach to technologies that support online solutions for tutoring, we are getting really good at it and it has been much easier to keep records of progress and keep parents in the loop. - Students are able to choose their most comfortable place where they usually do their best studying. No need to worry someone forgets their books, tests, or study materials at home anymore.
- Spectrum disorder students are able to control noise level during their sessions.
- Our tutors spend less time on the road and are able to connect with our students more often.

Additionally, with so many Albertans losing their jobs, we have decided to share our tutorials and solutions with students who can no longer afford tutoring so they can also benefit from STEM help. We are currently working on lesson plans for grades 11 and 12 for vulnerable students who are taking the semester off and learning from home due to Covid-19. Return here soon to see this shared plan.

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How are you different than other tutors?

Designing Curriculum to Supplement Kid's Schoolwork.

In addition to mainstream virtual tutoring we have worked with several families to design supplemental curriculum that best supports students. This applied to schoolwork in science, math and coding.

The focus was on choosing problems from frequently used textbooks such as Math Links, Math Makes Sense, Castle Rock's The Key Study Guide, iWrite Math, etc. The questions picked are representative to a large group of questions so that students do not have to experience overly repetitive homework.

We encourage our students to engage in mathematical and Socratic debates with their peers and tutors as applicable.

Do You Give the Answers?

Yes, most of the time we do.

Some tutoring companies claim they don't give students answers which they believe makes for a better learning.

Our team believes in the power of building mental libraries that are forged through mathematical debate and full understanding of what makes a particular type of solution work. We teach our students how to use online tools like Desmos, which gives them a means to figure out answers visually to check correctness of solutions even when answer sheets are not available. This is a well-rounded approach to Mathematics that lasts our students even through post secondary courses.

Without proper answers to questions students remain in the same state of bedazzlement, there is no new learning or progress. Typically, it is tutors who are not knowledgeable and do not know how to solve problems themselves that will promote the idea that students must solve on their own if only they put their minds to it. Learning does not work that way. First we show you how, then we ask you to try on your own. The uncomfortable truth is that most of the time people cannot solved problems they have never seen before. While we are all different, there is one thing in common to the way we all learn: rely on typical solutions that are thoroughly understood.

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We Provide On-Demand Tutoring

Sometimes students just need one solution explained right away and it can be days before another question pops up.

We have a wide library of lessons, presentations and reading materials, which the student can choose to watch before class depending on their learning style. This is optional.

For ambitious highly academic students we never run out of questions. Whether to solve from Math 10C, 20-1, 30-1, or Math 31, there are plenty of sessions these students need to progress through the material. Students can choose to watch the video-lessons that explain the theory, so that the tutoring session can focus on explaining only the things that were missed and most importantly on problem solving, recognizing which strategies will lead to a solution.  This is a different kind of mental math that leads to immediate results and high grades.

The bottom line is, your success is our success and we hope you will continue to recommend us.

Our on-demand service is available from 4 PM to 10 PM, weekdays and weekends. All you need to do is phone us, we assign a tutor at that time. If the tutor can be reached you may gain access to the on-demand session. We do not guarantee availability but will try to accommodate you as much as possible.

To ensure a tutor is always available we recommend you book an appointment, this is especially true if you wish to use the same tutor every time.

Because our tutoring is online, we require no contract, no minimum hours and we give the same price quote to everyone regardless of geographic location. We prorate the amount of time spent, rounded up to the closest 15 minutes range. Your credit card is typically billed immediately after your session. We provide receipts and status reports via email.

We require you call us from an identifiable phone number, we do not accept concealed phone numbers for on-demand tutoring.

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Prices per Hour

We are currently giving price quotes for online tutoring only. We do not provide in-home tutoring for the 2020 Fall semester.

All clients receive the same price quote regardless of geographical location. We welcome new students from anywhere in the world as long as the required instruction language is English.

We have no contracts and do not require a minimum number of hours.

Grade   Per Hour Cost - Online Sessions
1-8   $35 per hour
9   $40 per hour
10-12 $45 per hour

On-demand tutoring gets prorated and rounded to 15 minutes installments.


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Extended Resources for Students

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