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All students benefit from support to help iron out difficult topics.

Learning support works best when customized to the student's needs and as soon as it has become clear that struggles have surfaced.

Each child is unique and wired differently, everyone can benefit from new problem solving techniques, improved time management and acquiring good habits to help with taking tests and testing anxiety.

Addressing these begins with a holistic approach based on observations that tend not to be available in large groups such as the classroom. This is where tutoring really shines.

We Recommend Warmups

Several of our students begin lessons with a 3-5 minute long optional warmup. A warmup is an auto-grading quiz that allows the tutor to identify problem areas that interfere with the proper development of mathematical skills in the future.

Missing or flawed concepts prevent students from accomplishing high grades. After tutoring, grade level knowledge becomes strong, but previous concepts are continuously built upon. Such are negative numbers, decimals, fractions, exponents, radicals, NPV-s, and much more. By focusing strictly on the now, we can only hope the student is doing well with concepts learned in previous years. When these intrude on working out solutions during exams, it becomes hard to produce correct answers.

While full assessments are costly and can be demoralizing, short warmups before each lesson provide us with an excellent tool to identify a variety of misconceptions. These are easy to correct and shape a much stronger mathematical foundation and continuous improvement that resolves in higher grades.

Our tutors have shared a series of warmups that can be completed by the student with the tutor, or individually prior to the start of the lesson. Click here to see a few examples.